Not gonna lie, not every beer that was ever brewed is good. Some are crap, and we are here to find out which is which!

Nate (aka Droopy) and Jon (Sexi Mexi) decided to start our version of what we considered to be “real life” or “realistic” beer reviews. You’re not going to see reviews like, “the Long Dong Ale from Captain Kangaroo Brewery has a subtle, brilliant finish to it’s head that foams nicely. Also, it has great acidity from the citrus notes with a dash of warmness from the Northern California rainbow hops.” WTF does that mean to anyone???

You can read that anywhere you want to on the internet and magazines. If you want to laugh, learn what kind of beer Sexi Mexi and I like, what kind we hate, and learn what the term “old prison sock” means then stay tuned…you’re in for a treat.


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