Pumpkin beer in The summer? Great. Now I’m sick of it.

As I sit on my flight to San Antonio this morning I’ve had time to collect my thoughts over the past few days. One thing that has been irking me since I saw them on the shelves in August is, why are pumpkin beers for sale in August now? I associate pumpkin with the Fall season, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Soooooooo…what does 95 degree weather and summer have to do with pumpkin beer? Due to the nature of beer geekdom they will be bought. You can count on that…they will be bought.

Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about with the beer geekdom. You know those guys. Those guys who check every website, blog, twitter account, Facebook page, linkedin, and even call people to find out when the next new release is hitting the aisles. Then they get together with their beer elitist friends and swap out beers they’ve recently bought and tell war stories about how they acquired their latest purchase.

They follow the dominate (coolest) guy’s thought process on beers. If he loves IPA’s, then by God, the whole group loves IPA’s. If he is a sour lover, then son of a —— guess who else pretends to like sours. It’s funny to watch these guys at a bar. They’ll sip the hip, cool beer even if it tastes like hell. A few of them could love a great Bavarian Hefeweizen from Europe, but it doesn’t make your skin curl with sourness or hops so you better not let anyone know you like something different once in awhile. I’m not pointing out anyone specific mind you. Just observations from what I’ve seen in different places I’ve been. So don’t wad up your panties just yet while you and your buds read this while all toasting with Founders Doom or Heady Topper.

Back to my original point…pumpkin in August? Thanks marketing departments, people demanding the newest thing, and brewery owners. Now it’s not even October and I’m frigging stuffed full of pumpkin beers. I can’t wait for mid-October when all the Christmas beers will be out. Ugh.

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