I like my beer with….wine?

In the past couple of years here in America it seems like every time you turn around there is a new style of beer coming out, a new brewery in your hometown, or a new craft beer store. I keep on crossing my fingers the craft beer boom doesn’t explode like the .com biz fell on it’s face years ago. It seems to be chugging right along, and as long as it does we’ll keep enjoying everyone’s latest and greatest offerings.

The most recent thing I picked up in the big city of Corbin, Kentucky was this Dogfish Head Sixty-One. I knew of DFH 60, 90, and 120 minute IPA, so I was wondering what this was exactly. After a quick trip to everyone’s go to beer site, beer advocate, and a couple other websites I found out pretty quickly this is literally DFH’s 60 minute IPA mixed with wine.

Wild thoughts ran through my head immediately. The biggest thing was CAN this be good? Drinkable? Am I going to spit it out? Is it going to give me hemmorrhoids? IPA and wine…ugh. But, I try to stay as open to new things as I can. If it’s from DFH it can’t be that bad right?

As I poured my glass and took a drink I was waiting for a weird hoppiness on my tongue mixed with some freaky, dank wine to go with it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. What I tasted was not hops in my face with a nasty aftertaste at all. It was brilliant for what it was.

The taste reminded me of a fruit infused pale ale that you would see at a special night at your favorite craft beer bar. Nothing too overbearing, nothing too sweet, just some good mild fruit infusing going on. Keep in mind…I don’t know what this is supposed to taste like, so I couldn’t pre-judge like we all do. If anything, I was pre-judging for nasty and it wasn’t.

The other night I let my wife and some close friends try this at a small get-together we were having. Each person gave the, “hey, this isn’t bad face.” You know the face I’m talking about. The face where you know the person trying something new is either going to spit it at you or they are going to order one of their own. The point is don’t be so scared of things you haven’t heard of yet. So venture out to your favorite liquor store that used to be a Dairy Queen, like I did, and grab something different!


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