Barrel full of goodness

A few months ago I was talking with Nathan, of the Casual Pint, and he was showing me pictures on his phone of bourbon barrels that he recently picked up to do a bourbon barrel beer made from the Casual Pint’s house brown called Dirty South Brown. These bourbon barrels came from the only place (in my mind) that makes bourbon. That’s right…the heart of bourbon country in central Kentucky.

I ran by the Casual Pint last night and picked up a growler of the newly released Bourbon Barrel Dirty South Brown with high expectations. I couldn’t wait to get home and crack open the growler not only to taste it, but to smell the glorious bourbon aromas. When I pulled in the driveway I nearly fell down running in the house like a 12 year old with a new toy.

Bourbon Barrel Dirty South Brown

Bourbon Barrel Dirty South Brown

I liked Casual Pint’s house brown in the first place. It’s a smooth brown that is very satisfying…it’s not a hop head brown like what everything in America seems like it’s going to now. But, once you’ve tasted this combination of the brown and the bourbon, it takes you to a special place. This beer is smooth. Damn smooth to be honest.

I’m a picky guy, a picky eater, and a very picky drinker when it comes to beers. I’ll tell you the truth no matter what. So I’m being completely honest when I say this. This beer is good all the way around. The smell, the taste, the after taste, etc. Nothing overpowers another flavor like what a lot of complex beers do. Something may sometimes overpower another flavor and ruin everything for me. But not this time. It’s balanced and complex. Good job Casual Pint…good job.

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