Dear Abbey…

Sorry for delay…I know we’ve got fans that are throwing things at their computer wondering where our latest whimsical postings of beerism have been lately. It’s just me and Jon and we’ve just both been busy with life. So we apologize. With that being said…on with the beer!!!

My good buddy Jeb recently got me a bottle of Brother Thelonious, which is a Belgian Abbey Ale. Normally when I get a bottle of beer with a cork in it I realize a few things. 1. it costs more than a sixer of cans of the Beast. 2. it’s probably going to have more alcohol in it than a sixer of the Beast. 3. it’s a little more high class than what I normally drink, and I’m a crafty beer dude. 4. I have to drink the whole bottle in one night, so I need something to celebrate other than it just being a Tuesday night.

Dances with Wolves awesome

Dances with Wolves awesome

Well, I waited until a Wednesday night I believe to open this bad boy…and I’m glad I did. This thing was what I expected to be. Awesome, strong, loud, and abrupt. Abbey ales are supposed to hit you in the face like finding out for the first time that your sweet aunt Josephine sleeps with dudes in a trailer down by the creek for money and cigarettes. They’re supposed to just have that effect…and this one is no exception.

In case you forgot how we work around here at Boozehoundz, I’m not going to bullshit you with some score or lie to you and tell you how great something is if it blows harder than your aunt does on a Saturday. We just tell you how it is and if we love it or hate it. FYI, I like this one a lot, and it gets an 8 on Jon’s scale.

Stay tuned for more, but until then you at least got something to chew on.


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