I prefer to drink my oatmeal.


I enjoy eating oatmeal about as much as I enjoy eating raw chicken.  In other words…it doesn’t happen.  I hate oatmeal to be honest.  It repulses me as a food.  It’s gritty, grainy, not tasteful by itself, and when it cools it is really disturbing.  It’s like I’ve been kidnapped by Canadians and forced to eat this poisonous substance that will slowly kill me.  I also hate oatmeal cookies.  It’s not a cookie!  It’s not even sweet.  It’s like a trick cookie that your mom tries to bait you into eating to lose weight and it actually is diet food.  

So why oh why do I love a good oatmeal stout?  Well, probably because oats do have a good quality when I don’t have to chew to consume them!  That’s the only thing that makes sense.  Oatmeal is definitely not a consumable food by itself.  I guess I don’t expect to be getting any phone calls for endorsements from oatmeal producers after this review.  LOL.

I’ve had quite a few oatmeal stouts recently and Breckenridge’s version is one of my favorites.  In fact, most things I’ve had from this brewery has been pretty good.  In uncle Jonny’s rating scale, I’ll give her an 8.  So, run out to the store and broaden your beer horizon from the norm and find you a good oatmeal stout.  Because oatmeal definitely is not for eating.  🙂



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