Drinking a wheat beer in the fall??? Oh my! The humanity!

If you like a beer, you like a beer.  It doesn’t matter what season it is, right?  I know, that’s not following the typical “beer snob” tradition.  It’s the fall and winter beer season…I’m supposed to be chugging all the different Oktoberfests, porters, and Christmas ales that every craft brewery in America puts out (and some of them are terrible, I might add.  I mean, just because you call a beer a name does not mean that the brewery knows what they’re doing, or that it is even worth drinking.)  Don’t get me wrong.  I love me some cold weather beers as much as the next beer aficionado, but why does that mean I can’t have my favorite beer style year round?  I know…I should be beat worse than Derek Dooley does while you give me something terrible that has an Oktoberfest label on it, because that means it’s good!

I myself don’t fall for tricks of putting fancy labels on nasty ass beer and struggle to drink it in front of my friends because they are pretending to enjoy it as well.  You can’t put a bowtie on a pig standing in shit and tell me it’s James Bond.  Sorry.  You just can’t.  I’m going to drink what I want and what I like all the time.  So, I will happily go to my store and buy my wheat beer and drink it standing outside with my shirt off with my frozen nipples in 32 degree weather if I want to.

Angel tears in a bottle

I recently snatched up some Erdinger cyrstal clear Weizen at the store.  (Formerly labelled Kristall.  The cap still said that though.  I don’t know why the name change.)  Anyway, a crystal clear weizen is simply just a wheat beer that has went through an extensive filtering process that makes it clearer than your normal wheat beer.  (See how much you learn reading!  Yay, learning is fun.)  Let me tell you something.  Erdinger does not mess around with their wheat beers.  I’ve had 4 different Erdinger styles this past month and every one has been on the money.  This one is no different.

The point is drink what you like, when you like and don’t listen to the bartender with sideburns, “skinny” jeans, and a v-neck sweater who is trying to tell you that his favorite IPA is the best.  Just because some dude is drinking something grosser than Chris Farley doing the helicopter does not mean that it is for you.  Remember that and you’ll be fine.

Oh…this beer gets an 8 on our scale.

Party on,


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