Pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin!

Well Halloween just flew by before I even realized it was here.  With this glorious holiday and the autumn of the year, come many things that are seasonal in the food and beverage realm.  One of the most popular flavorings of the season is…you guessed it…pumpkin.  You’ll see about pumpkin anything now…pumpkin beer, pie, ice cream, donuts, candles, toothpaste, vaseline, blah blah blah.  It boils down to just marketing to consumers and most of us fall right into the trap.


Here recently I had the pleasure of buying New Holland’s version of pumpkin beer, called Ichabod.  If that wasn’t enough pumpkin for me, I had my lovely wife’s new recipe she created for pumpkin pancakes.  Oh momma.  Can’t you just feel the festiveness running through my body?  Nothing like pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin beer.  It’s just like a sore one, you can’t beat it!

When I took my first sip of Ichabod it immediately took me to a special place.  It was like jumping in a pile of raked leaves, butt naked.  Then, you suddenly realize there’s a nest of copperheads buried underneath the pile.  You take off running through the yard screaming and waving your arms like a 12 year old girl at a Taylor Swift concert, then you realize two things.  Number one…pants are always a good idea when outside.  And number two…pine needles and leaves are not the most fun things to pick out of your body crevices.

I have no idea what any of that has to do with the beer I drank to be quite frank.  But I do know I keep myself entertained and maybe you just a little bit.  Point of the story…cram more pumpkin beer and desserts than you can stand and get ready for the pine cone tasting beer with Christmas Trees on the label here in a couple weeks.

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