Mixing beers…being ridiculous because I can

Before I fill the fridge and pantry again with fresh new beers I told myself I am going to get rid of most everything before I buy all new stuff.  The pickings were mighty slim what I had left cold this particular night.  I wasn’t really ready for Sam Adams high gravity double bock…I have to be in the mood for something like that, like I am with a lot of things.  On the other hand I was looking at Kim’s remaining fruit beers she bought before she was pregnant and thinking what can I do with this stuff?  Then I had the DFH barley wine Olde School Ale staring at me like a football bat and a couple other things that just were not floating my boat.  Decisions decisions.

I know the anticipation is killing you so here’s what I came up with…popping the top on a Dark Horse Brewing Rasberry Ale and mixing it half and half with Sam Adams Imperial Series Double Bock.  To answer your question.  Yes, I fell down a flight of stairs when I was little.  To answer your other question.  No, I don’t sign autographs for free.  Oh, one more question.  The beer mixing?  Yeah.  It rocked my face off.  It was literally like dancing with a leprechaun around a pot of gold…naked…while just finishing off an 8 ball…after you just talked with Elizabeth Taylor about her hair.

Fun for everyone

Would I drink this mixture again?  Hell yeah.  It was cool to be honest.  The harshness of the double bock mixed well with the sweet and tartness of the rasberry ale.  To me I came up with a perfect solution for two beers that had opposite flavor profiles.  I wasn’t really looking forward to either one by themselves anyway.  Not only did I not waste beer, I created something worth drinking and entertained myself mildly in the process.

You can lie and say you love every expensive craft beer you have ever tried…because that’s how beer snobs think sometimes.  Just because it’s $13 for a 4 pack means you’re really supposed to love it, right?  Not so much.  I’ve had the Sam Adams double bock by itself.  It’s alright.  I wouldn’t kick it out of bed, but it’s not on my top 30 list.  Just mixing it up…because I can…and I did.

Separately, these beers get a middle of the road rating.  But together, oh momma.  They get an 8.



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