Knoxville Brewers’ Jam!!! (Part 1)

On October 6th, 2012, Jon, Kim (the dd) and I hit World’s Fair Park wide open in much anticipation for the Knoxville Brewers’ Jam.  We knew a little over 5,000 tix were sold for this event with just a few VIP tix set aside as well (that gets you in an hour early!)  Of course we opted for the VIP route that got us in early and gave us free range of the place with no lines to our favorite brewers.  As an added bonus the brewers are way more generous early in the day with full pours.

A couple of highlights stand out to me from the day.  The first one that comes to mind is the home brew guys’ booth.  They had some magnificent home brewed beers to offer us.  It is obvious these guys are well known in the small Knoxville beer community, because their line was the longest out of any other booth all day long.  My favorite of theirs that I tried first was definitely the Coconut Porter.  I wish I tried all of them because people were telling me after it was over I should have tried Ratchet’s brew.  Maybe next time….

My attempt at a panorama

Another highlight would be Nathan and John from the Casual Pint revealing their brand new, exclusive Casual Pint “Dirty South” Brown Ale.  I’m not so sure about the name, but I am sure that this brown ale does not disappoint.  It’s no secret that Knoxville’s Saw Works Brewing Company made it for The Casual Pint, but it is not just a re-labled Saw Works Brown.  It is a completely different recipe.  Brown ales are a funny thing with me.  Some I can drink all day and night and I’ll feel are warm and fuzzy inside when the day is done.  Other brown ales are just gross to me and I would rather pour it out for my homies then even look at it.  You would think from the name “Dirty South” that I would pour it out for my homies, but that is not true.  It is definitely a brown I could drink all day.  (In fact, I did at Brewers’ Jam!)

Overall, it was a great day with great people and great beer (for the most part.)  Maybe I’ll remember next year to not speed drink from noon to 1 o’oclock before the rest of the crowd gets in there.  LOL.

I’ll let Jon chime in with his take on the day coming soon…

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