Flavor of the week…Erdinger Oktoberfest!

Last week I made it over to Bearden to the Casual Pint and was greeted by Nathan (the owner) at the door.  After some chit chat and trading stories we made our way to the bar and I asked him what he recommended that evening.  With a smile he told me to try the Erdinger Oktoberfest.  He knows what I like since I’ve been going there since they’ve been open, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

I was mildly confused when he sat the glass in front of me.  It looked different for an Oktoberfest.  I thought I’d give it a chance, as I do anything, so I put the glass to my lips and took a drink.  My first thought was this beer was made for me.  My second thought was how was it possible for angels to come to earth and open a brewery and make this beer?  I didn’t know the answer to that, but I did know I had a new beer move into my top ten list.  I also knew I was taking some home!

Christmas came early!

I will tell you if you are expecting a “normal” Oktoberfest style beer, then don’t try this beer.  Try this beer with an open mind and respect the fact they have decorated a good Hefeweizen brew with some typical Oktoberfest flavors mixed in.  If you have that in mind as you try it, then you will be pleasantly surprised.

I really appreciate this brewery and the dedication they give into making the best Hefeweizen/Oktoberfest I’ve ever had.  If more breweries focused on sticking with a style of beer they are good at instead of making every style possible, then we’d all be better off.  All Erdinger makes is wheat beers and you can tell.  Damn near perfection.

This beer gets a 10 on Jon’s scale.  (Like riding a unicorn through a rainbow!)






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