Schlafly Yakima Wheat Ale…smoother than Barney Stinson


Sometimes I buy beer and have no idea what it is actually going to taste like. I’m not saying I think a beer will taste like moldy sour cream or peanut butter. I just don’t exactly know sometimes when I buy a brew what’s going to hit me when the rubber meets the road. Kind of like when you walk in Wally World on Clinton Highway you don’t know if you’re going to see a kiddie pool catching a leak from the roof and kids playing in the water or how many people you are going to see in the pharmacy looking for cold medicine to make meth with. It’s just a crapshoot, ya know?

Which brings me to my latest brew I most recently tried, Schlafly Yakima Wheat ale. I knew it was a wheat ale (duh, I can read) and I knew it had something relating to Yakima in it. Damn I’m smart, aren’t I? The Yakima in the title actually refers to where the hops come from in Yakima Valley located in Washington State. (Aren’t we fancy?)

This ale reminded me of a few things at first taste. Things like riding a cloud to a pot of gold, seeing your babysitter naked when you were a child, or the feel of the fur of baby bunnies. This beer was smooth. Like smooth as your prom date smooth or smooth as Barney Stinson after a game of laser tag at a bar.  It was very light and drinkable. The hops didn’t knock you over like 350lb fatty on Black Friday to get a $99 laptop before you. They were very subtle and balanced…much like my personality.

Overall, I liked it…a lot. One word I would use…SMOOTH.  I’d buy a case of it if they sold it in East Tennessee. But they don’t. It’s one of the 50 flavors we miss made from Schlafly year round. That’s right.  I’ve had a few of them and every one I tried was very well put together and drinkable. I’d give the Yakima Wheat Ale a 9 out of 10 on Jon’s rating system.



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