Man Up, Light Beer Drinkers! St. Peter’s Cream Stout!!!

Do I want a light beer, you say? Would you like me to punch you in the throat??? No, then give me a beer I can eat with a spoon!

This, my friends, is the St. Peter’s Cream Stout. This fine specimen of tall, dark, and handsome comes to us from St. Peter’s Brewery (imagine that) all the way across the pond in England. The only reason I decided to pick this one up was because of the cool bottle, and I’m glad I did! See, ain’t it cool?

Now, I love a good stout. A really good stout after a huge meal is like an awesome desert! Could I sit around and drink this all day? Hell no, at 195 calories a shot? Not unless I wanted to start exercising and that just ain’t gonna happen. This ol’ boy is only running if being chased by zombies. And only the fast-moving zombies at that!

This is actually a milk stout which I usually can’t take too much of because of the richness. But, this milk stout is by no means too rich. It pours out dark and thick, barely any head at all. The smell is a mix of coffee and dark chocolate and a hint of alcohol. It’s 6.5% abv for those care to know these things.

The taste is a strong coffee taste with a dark chocolate malty aftertaste. This is the kind of beer that was meant for cold winter nights! Rich, smooth, chocolatey goodness that stays through the entire glass. Do I recommend this one? You’re damn right I do buddy!

On a scale of 1-10, the St. Peter’s Cream Stout gets an 8: Like Christmas Morning!

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