Abita Jockamo IPA, a Sweeter Prison Sock For Your Pallette

“Just try it, you’ll like it!”

“But, I don’t wanna. It’s gonna taste like a prison sock!”

“Trust me, this one’s different.”

“Fine, I’ll try it…”

This is my usual internal struggle when trying different IPAs, and the result is usually the same… the bitter beer face and the search to find where I can pour my beer out. Now, I wholeheartedly understand that beer is an acquired taste which is why my stubbornness won’t let me give up on IPAs. I’m like the stupid kid in class that keeps sticking his tongue to the 9V bolt battery even though the result is awful!

If you’re wondering where the term “Prison Sock” comes from, why lemme tell ya. It’s the description that Droopy gave after tasting some random IPA awhile back and it stuck. It’s like someone tried to make toilet beer in Folsom Prison and the only thing they had to filter the beer with was a dirty prison sock, and just like that IPA was born!


The Jockamo IPA by Abita sat in my fridge for about two months… until tonight. Now, compared to most of the highly bitter IPAs I’ve tried, this one wasn’t THAT bad. The smell was, of course, hoppy as damn’t but had a surprising hint of malt that I’m not used to in these types. The color was a little darker than most too. So I had higher hopes now!

After the first sip, yes, I had the bitter beer face… it is an IPA for God’s sake! I was expecting the aftertaste to get worse, but was pleasantly surprised, more sweet than bitter. Thank you Malt Gods! This IPA was at the very least drinkable, and I only had one moment where I wanted to pour it out, but I fought it. And about halfway through the glass, the bitterness eases off and it’s quite enjoyable. So, if you’re looking for an intro the world of IPAs, this is a given!

On a scale of 1-10 the Jockamo IPA gets a 4.5

4: Almost poured it out but didn’t wanna waste beer

5: Sure, if it’s free

Now go drink a damn beer!

Sexi Mexi

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