Dogfish Head Festina Pêche or Nehi Peach Lemon?

I know, I know, the Festina Pêche is a “malt beverage” but damn’t it’s alcohol in an amber bottle, so yeah, I drank it! This was a another gift from the Droopy. It didn’t reassure me as he laughed when he showed it me then told me how terrible it was. It’s like someone saying “Holy crap, this is terrible, you gotta taste this!” and I usually do…

I’ve had a few great beers from Dogfish Head and some downright horrible ones! So, I’ll admit I was leery. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Pêche is some fancy foreign word for peach. Yes, I’m too lazy to care from what country it came from. But I digress… This one pours a pale yellow, almost like a Blue Moon, see LOOK!


The smell is like a peachy lemon ale, pretty light on the ale considering the 4.5% abv. The smell itself just screams summer beer, and so does the taste. The initial taste is just pure lemon, the aftertaste has a small hint of peach, and then the sour hits pretty strong, but not unbearable.

My only problem with this one, it could have easily been called Nehi Peach Lemon. I was expecting a beer, what I got was a soda! But, all in all it wasn’t too bad, just not my cup of fruit. But, If you like a super light fruity beer while you’re sitting in your kiddie pool in the driveway on a hot August day, then this one is for you my friend!

On a scale of 1-10, I give this one a 6: Not too shabby

Sexi Mexi Out!

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