Yuengling Oktoberfest is too much Yuengling, not enough Oktoberfest

I love this time of year when the leaves start to turn, it gets a little cooler at night, I don’t have to mow the damn yard as often, and MOST importantly it’s Oktoberfest Season!!! Oktoberfests are one of my favorite styles, especially this time of year, and I’ll explain why. Anytime I’m trying to describe the taste of an Oktoberfest to some poor, naive “I don’t drink no beer that dark” lost soul, the simplest way to break it down: Oktoberfest tastes like Fall! To me, it’s a comfort beer if that makes any damn sense.

What’s that? Oh, you want some weird explanation of a “comfort beer”? Well alrighty! Taking the first sip (or gulp) of a good Oktoberfest is like grandma wrapping you up in your favorite camouflage blankey while you cuddle with a baby grizzly bear cub as Chuck Norris reads you a bedtime story in front of a campfire on a cool night. Something like that…

Anyhow, Droopy decided to bring over a sampler of 6 beers to imbibe around the new fire pit. One was the Yuengling Oktoberfest, which I hadn’t had yet. Mainly, because when brewers decide to make an Oktoberfest just to get in the market rarely is it a success. This was one of those cases.


It looks like an Oktoberfest, pours reddish brown. It smells like Oktoberfest, a little caramel and spice. The taste, you say? Well, it tastes like Yuengling with artificial Oktoberfest flavoring added to it, to put it simply. It’ simply a Yuengling they tried to make taste like an Oktoberfest, and failed. For God’s sake, I was drinking this on a cool autumn night in front of a fire and still couldn’t bring myself to like it! It wasn’t that the beer was that bad, it just wasn’t that good. It was more of a disappointment than anything. Kinda like after you take your first sip, Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks the grizzly bear cub out of your hands, throws your blankey in the fire, then starts making out with your grandma! It’s almost awesome, but you wanna cry at the same time.

I rate this beer a 5 out of 10: “Sure, if it’s free”

The only saving grace for this one, if Yuengling is your staple beer, you might really like it! Me, not so much!


Sexi Mexi

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4 Responses to Yuengling Oktoberfest is too much Yuengling, not enough Oktoberfest

  1. I love their Summer Shandy. I haven’t tried the Oktoberfest yet. Maybe I’ll just skip it this year. There are so many other options.

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