Flavor of the week

If you know me, you know I like buying beer if I’m traveling and find a beer mecca at some fantastic liquor store, gas station, grocery store, etc. Sometimes I buy more than my fair share, and then I keep buying it. A couple weeks ago Kim asked me to actually look at what I had hiding on different shelves in our laundry room in various cabinets, shelves, and floor. Not to mention what was in the kitchen cabinets and the 43 beers in our refrigerator. Yeah…I had a lot of beer. Plus, since Kim is now an expectant mother, our beer does not disappear from the shelves and fridge like it used to. So, I decided to slow down on buying (until I see something I really want) and focused on drinking.

Hiding in the back of the fridge in the vegetable drawer full of cheese, burrito shells, moldy bags of cheese, and rotten lettuce was this little jewel of a brew. It was like finding the pretty girl at a skank ass bar full of old dudes looking to hit on a waitress. You know there is one roaming around, but you don’t know it’s there. Then you find it and it smacks you in the face harder than a pregnant stripper you don’t tip. You are elated…you realize…holy crap. This was in here the whole time???

What I found, that gave me a similar feeling, was this unique brew made by our friends north of the border at Unibroue, called ÉPHÉMÉRE Apple (I’m from southeast Kentucky and now I live in east Tennessee, so please don’t dare ask me to pronounce it. The words redneck pronunciation come to my mind.) If you don’t like fruit beer and don’t have an open mind then go back to sucking your Mom’s bottle of Select 54 since you don’t need the extra calories anyway fatty.

On a serious note, this ale was very tasteful and it was very easy drinking. You could taste the coriander and spices and definitely taste the granny smith apple flavor. Overall…I liked it. It is well made, it’s sweet (it’s fruit beer…duh), but the sweet doesn’t hit you like a brick. It’s more just a relaxing and smooth sweet. I give it a 7 on Jon’s scale. I say “kudos” to Unibroue. I can’t wait to try their other brews and the other fruit versions of this brew.

Yum yum.

Now, it’s not something I’d throw back at a game of flip cup. But, I’d definitely drink it after my meal instead of eating a dessert. What’s funny is if you read reviews of it online, people aren’t saying much about it. A couple reviews even say there is not much to it or it’s not their cup of tea. Not their cup of tea??? Not much to it? There is a lot to this ale. There is more flavors going on in this beer than the last 20 beers I’ve drank. I guess those reviewers are longing for a bitter brew that makes you cringe when you touch your tongue to it. I guess that’s the “in thing” now until next year when drinking PBR tall boys at college bars are the thing. Oh wait…




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