In a beer barren desert, I was saved!

No road trip is complete without finding a good watering hole to wet yer whistle. On my most recent trip, this was not an easy find. When walking up to ask the bartender or the waitress what they have on tap, the answer “Bud, Bud Light, Michelob Light, and Coors Light” makes me cringe. After the facepalm and a long sigh, I ask for what they have in a bottle and plan my exit.

The one oasis is in this tiny town was a little dive bar called The 19th Hole. Not to mention, they were nowhere close to any golf course, which I found off the wall and quite hilarious, but I digress… While I was walking up to the bar, all I could see was the same old “piss beer” taps and a groan began to escape my lips…

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I spot this


Calfkiller! I’d heard of this local brew, but never had a chance to try it. Plus, the taps just look cool as shit! They had two on tap and I decided to go with the J. Henry Original Mild Ale. I liken this brew to a nut brown ale with a little more caramel than I’m used to. Now, given any other nut brown I’ve had, this one would probably get a rating of 5: Sure, if it’s free. But, being in a land of “No, we ain’t got that on tap” this got a local rating of 8: Like Christmas morning! I’d recommend this one to anyone trying to venture out of their “I only drink Bud Light” shell.

Thank you 19th Hole and thank you Calfkiller for saving me from the barren beer desert!

Sexi Mexi

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