Raccoon Attacks and Chuck Norris

Have you ever been hit in the face with a brick?  Have you ever walked in on your parents “wrestling” in the bedroom when you were visiting them as an adult?  Have you ever met Chuck Norris?  Remember the first time you saw a girl naked?  Has a rabid raccoon ever attacked your face?  The point is that those are all things that you will never forget your whole life.

There are certain staple events in your life that you will never forget…no matter how small or large they are in comparison to things.  Some things just stay embedded in your memory for a lifetime.  This beer is one of them for me.  It’s not just a beer.  Baby Jesus took time from helping Ricky Bobby and thought he’d help Schneider Weisse make this angel juice they call Hopfen Weisse.

Instead of trying to modestly plagiarize what Schneider Weisse says on their website, I will just copy and paste exactly how this beer came to be and why this Weizenboch is so special.

Back porch sipping at it’s finest

“Pushing the limits of the wheat beer style, this innovative weizenbock was the result of a unique collaboration between Schneider brewmaster Hans-Peter Drexler and Brooklyn Brewery’s Garrett Oliver. Each brewmaster brewed the same pale, hoppy wheat beer in the other’s brewery using locally sourced hops. The result is a tawny golden beer with a floral aroma and notes of tropical fruit and pineapple. Its dry finish is counterbalanced by a sweet fruity center. Pair with spicy food, like Indian or Thai.” – per Schneider’s website

I didn’t know until today that two rock star like brewmasters came together and created this drink fit for royalty.  It really is one of the top ten beers I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.  At 8.2% Alcohol by Volume it really is an experience you will never forget…or maybe it’s an experience you will forget and try to remember later.  Hmmm.  Anyway…it rocked my face off.

On Jon’s rating chart it gets a 10!!!



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